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b.lo is designed to integrate into the growing complexity of mobile and fixed networks and help you build unified Data Marts where the engineering teams will capture and extract intelligence from the network.

Automating recurring activities (detection, priorization, reports,..) and speeding up daily analysis or optimizations, it improves decision-making, as well as operational efficiency.

It works off-the-shelf, so you benefit right away from years of networking experience through custom analytics or helps you build your own analysis rules.


eye.lo is a multi-tenant, multi-protocol, multi-vendor integrated service management solution for the WAN. 

Based on advanced features embedded in routers as well as proprietary polling and flow collection technologies, it delivers network and application-level kpis and gives the ability to classify end-user applications. 

By empowering their customers IT team to fulfill the end-user SLA across their organization, Service Providers enhance the value percpetion of VPN and connectivity services. This ultimately enables new incremental revenue through cloud services.